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retail park

New agreement signed between the property company FREY
and its partners AG REAL ESTATE and CREDIT AGRICOLE.

Etche France et Ojirel 15 04 2014

Etche France and Ojirel sign new joint operations


Vendôme Capital Partners: laureate of
the Emerging Manager Day 2013

St Martin


AG Real Estate France buys the PRD logistics platorm
in Saint-Martin-de-Crau


les OPCI croient en leurs atouts 250713

OPCI believe they can be successful outside of France

artisans de la gestion dactifs 22 07 13

"We consider ourselves as architects in the setting up
of real estate funds"

Premier OPCI dedie pour VCP 070311

Vendôme Capital Partners has made 60 million euros
in transactions since the beginning of 2013


Palaiseau: the Ojirel group buys 21,300 m² for 9.7 million euros

AG RealEstate 130313 13/03/2013
AG Real Estate signs 3 new operations in France
AG REalty Trust acquiert Levis 010213 01/02/2013
AG Real Estate buys the Levi’s flagship store on Champs Elysées

Compagnie de Phalsbourget JECOne210212

Compagnie de Phalsbourg and VCP launch a new OPCI: JEC One


OPCI Immo Nation, represented by VCP, buys a 31,700 m2 warehouse
in Valenciennes
Millipore 06/02/2012
Ojirel buys the Millipore in Guyancourt (78) from Corio

VCP launches a new OPCI with Ojirel

depasser le milliard encours 21 11 2011

"Exceeding one billion € of assets under management in 2012

retail 01/07/2011
The creation of Frey Retail Fund marks a new stage in the institutionalisation of the retail park product

Premier OPCI dedie pour VCP 070311 01/07/2011
Vendôme Capital Partners launches its 3rd OPCI and prepares its 4th

place de la Republique 300611

Vendôme Capital Partners buys 40 M€ of shops Place de la République in Paris
OPCI Immo Nation 02 05 11

OPCI Immo Nation, represented by VCP, buys the 15 Place de la Nation (Paris)


First dedicated OPCI RFA for Vendôme Capital Partners

Mars 2017 : La SCPI VENDOME REGIONS se classe, en 2016, à la 3ème place du classement Meilleure et la presse s’en empare ! Retrouvez la dans Les Echos et Le Monde avec un taux de distribution 2016 de 6.13%


April 2016 : Funded in May 2015, “SCPI Vendôme Régions”, the first Real-Estate Investment Trust of Vendôme Capital Partners came 3rd in 2015 IEIF ranking as the highest distribution rate on the marketing value for non-listed Portfolio Management Companies (6.06% annualized over 6 months in the “Diversified Real-Estate Investment” category).

Avril 2016 : Créée en mai 2015, la SCPI VENDÔME RÉGIONS gérée par VENDÔME CAPITAL PARTNERS arrive en 3e position au classement IEIF 2015 des meilleurs taux de distribution sur valeur de marché (DVM) concernant les SCPI gérées par des sociétés de gestion de portefeuille non cotées (6,06% annualisé sur 6 mois dans la catégorie « SCPI diversifiées »).

March 2016: Six months after the launch of “SCPI Vendôme Régions”, its first Real-Estate Investment Trust, Vendôme Capital Partners announces a 2015 interim dividend distribution representing a 6.06% annualized return on the subscription price, over 2 quarters. Created in May 2015, the SCPI Vendôme Régions came 3rd in ranking as the highest return of the year 2015 (French magazine - Les Echos 02/25/2016) and was ranking first with the best ratio concerning the fundraising compared to the capitalization (French magazine - Pierre Papier 03/09/2016).

January 2016 : Vendôme Capital Partners ends 2015 with an asset under management exceeding 3.7 billion euros through more than twenty dedicated funds. Since 2010, VCP has created 24 OPCI funds dedicated to various types of clients and 1 real-estate investment trust (SCPI) aiming at the general public. At constant scope of business, the asset under management increased by 23% between the end of 2014 and the end of 2015.

October 2015 : Vendôme Capital Partners comes 6th in PWC’s OPCI (French property regulated funds) management company ranking as the first independent management company with an amount over 3 billion euros of gross asset under management (Gross assets under management categorization at the end of 2014, published in the OPCI pocket guide 2015-2016, An Innovative Real Estate Investment Vehicle, source IEIF). VCP currently manages 3.45 billion euros of assets under management allocated between 15 OCPI funds.

News 06/18/2015 : “Vendôme Régions”, the first Real-Estate Investment Trust (SCPI) launched by Vendôme Capital Partners, aiming at the general public, just received the AMF approval. This investment seeks to raise capital which will be invested in France (mainly in regions), in real-estate assets such as offices, businesses and retails, with a dual objective of return and valuation of the property assets in the long run.

RLG OPCI : 4 400 m² Faubourg Saint-Honoré
L’OPCI RLG, créé en 2015, a acquis un immeuble rue Faubourg Saint-Honoré Paris, entre les rues Royale et Boissy d’Anglas Paris 8 : 4 400 m² de bureaux et commerces entièrement loués. Conseils : cabinet d'avocats Racine, étude SCP Pineau et Peschard (acquéreur), étude LBMB (vendeur). Transaction : Knight Frank (Capital Markets).

1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 - 04/30/2010: 5 private shareholders created a management company and put their skills and their enthusiasm at the service of third parties. In 5 years, the time when offices were occupied by two people working on the validation of the final approval, on the preparation of the booklet and the purchase of a coffee maker (useful) seems far away now.
Today, VCP is present in Paris, Marseille, Luxembourg, with 30 people, € 3.5 billion of assets under management, 150 shareholders managed and almost 20 regulated funds.
Thanks for your trust, allowing us to foresee a booming future, always in the interest of third parties, with enthusiasm and joviality.

News 03/05/15 - Vendôme Capital Partners ends 2014 with more than € 3 bn of assets under management through its OPCI funds and associated SCIs. Since 2010, VCP has created 18 OPCI funds associated with various types of clients, from private equity to Anglo-Saxon opportunistic funds and about 10 SCI companies (Société Civile Immobilière) on behalf of private investors. At constant scope, between the end of 2013 and the end of 2014, the assets under management grew by 11%.

News 17/11/2014 - Vendôme Capital Partners is about to complete on behalf of a family office the acquisition in sale-and-leaseback of an office/activity building located in the airport area of Perpignan and developing approximately 5,000 sqm. This asset will be completely rented under a firm 10-year lease agreement to a company specialized in pool products.

News 15/10/2014 – Vendôme Capital Partners has obtained the AMF agreement for a new OPCI (SPPICAV). This project has been initiated in the end of July and filed in the beginning of August. Less than a month later, thanks to their professionalism and their knowledge of regulations, VCP staff congratulated themselves for obtaining the agreement from the AMF decision-making body. This OPCI with an anglo-saxon partnership seeks to fulfill its first acquisition for an amount of € 100 million before the beginning of December. Thus the number of OPCI managed by VCP comes to 16 in less than five years of existence and several projects are still in process of agreement.

News 15/09/2014 – VCP completed in early summer 2014, on behalf of a family office, the acquisition in sale-and-leaseback of a portfolio of car dealerships located on French territory that required an investment of nearly 80 million euros. These assets represent strategic locations for the car manufacturer and some of them need restructuring and extension works.

News 01/08/2014
– VCP a reçu l’agrément AIFM (Alternative Investment Fund Manager) le 08 juillet 2014, répondant ainsi aux obligations de la directive AIFM (ordonnance 2013-676 du 25 juillet 2013) visant à fournir un cadre réglementaire aux gestionnaires de Fonds d’Investissement Alternatifs en Europe.

News 01/07/2014
- Relying on its leadership position among independent portfolio management companies in the management of OPCI (French regulated funds), VCP accelerates its development on mass market customers with the management of SCPI (civil real estate investment companies), for which it obtained the AMF approval. VCP currently works on the launch of its first performance-related SCPI.


Foulees immobilier 2014

22/06/2014 - VCP participated in the race « Foulées de l’immobilier » for the benefit of Abbé Pierre’s charity. 11 co-workers took part in the 10 km race and the 2 x 5 km relay.  Congratulations to them all!

Opening of 25 shops in  shopping centre Valentine on March 28th 2014