Vendôme Capital Partners

Vendôme Capital Partners

Asset Management consists of:

1 – Managing real estate asset in order to ensure the best possible valuation thanks to the leasing strategy or works policy as well as the estimation of the asset’s maturity in preparation for its transfer with a potential re-investment objective.

2 – Defining an investment strategy, with or without funding, either by establishing a new estate or by actively managing an existing one.

In this respect, VCP teams act on a volume of almost €400 million in Asset Management, on every type of asset, tertiary and commercial, residential or logistics.


Asset Management

A few examples of VCP competences:

•  Optimisation of the real estate asset’s occupancy rate
•  Upgrading of the building to meet present standards and follow-up of the works phase
•  Expansion, restoration and restructuring of the building
•  Optimisation of the investors’ real estate portfolio
•  Valuation of rents by improving the commercial quality of places.
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