Vendôme Capital Partners

Vendôme Capital Partners

The structuring mission consists of defining the best legal and tax structure for investors, according to their needs. As a Portfolio Management Company approved by the AMF, we mainly act through OPCI (French property regulated funds), but we also set up SCI Club Deal or other types of structures according to different needs.

As part of its activity, the mission of VCP does not stop to the structuring of funds, the acquisition and management of real estate assets: one of the primordial mission consists of seeking real estate financing. This complex mission varies according to the profile of each fund and investor, ranging from middle-term mortgage financing to lease-financing, as well as mezzanine or mandatory financing.

The main mission of Structuring / Financing are:

•  The setting-up of the most optimum structure of ownership in terms of taxation, detention, planned distribution and investment maturity
•  The definition of the forms for subscription or vehicle incorporation
•  The search for the best co-financing for the operation
•  The search for complex financing

Financing Structuring2
A few examples of competences developed by VCP:
•  Structuring of a participative loan
•  Management of capital gains issues
•  Management of deferred taxes issues
•  Implementation of a credit providing best value for the amount of own funds
•  Setting-up of a real estate lease with a view to a long-term possession, with negligible quota lots of own funds, and a progressive amortisation.

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