Vendôme Capital Partners

Vendôme Capital Partners

The valuation of real estate assets is done through a strategy that takes in consideration a great amount of factors.
VCP looks for the best options and makes an in-depth and personalised study before implementing the best suited strategy according to the final investor.


3rd party mgmt

According to the investor’s needs and expectations, one or several options will be selected.
VCP will work for the implementation of the strategy and will make a thorough follow-up during the management of the asset.
The investor will be informed of the changes in asset through different quarterly reports.

VCP expertise in third-party management:

•  Thanks to its experience and skills, VCP can find a bespoke solution to any type of real estate investment issue.
•  VCP provides guidance to determine the strategy and the level of risk of the fund dedicated to investors.
•  An attentive listening of the clients’ expectations and a decision-making according to the latter, which allow a relationship full of
    trust and transparency.
•  As an experienced player regarding legal and statutory provisions (found in national and European legislations), VCP supervises
    third-party management in agreement with the directives and legal provisions.

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